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Safety Protocols

Town of Sudbury has a mask mandate in effect

Our HVAC system exchanges the air in the salon every 10 minutes: meaning the total volume of air in the salon is being treated six times per hour. We have installed a UV-C light bulb in the HVAC ducts that provides the heat and A/C for the salon. UV-C lights (Ultra violet light in concentrated form) have been used in health care facilities and food manufacturing plants to treat and disinfect the ambient air for years. UV-C is 99.9% effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses. 


You will also see four new air filters placed in the higher traffic areas of the salon. These are HEPA filters that have a UV-C light in them: the HEPA filter will remove most of the contaminants in the air as it passes through the unit. The UV-C light will treat for bacteria and viruses; much like the light in the HVAC system. These four filters have the capacity to treat the total volume of air in the salon every 10 minutes.

 UV-C light wands will be available for the stylists and the receptionist to routinely treat work stations. These wands can be passed over various work surfaces between clients to help eliminate any cross contamination from one client to another. Disinfectant sprays and wipes will also be available for treating various work surfaces.

A special thanks to Pro Air Duct Cleaning and Lussier Home Improvement for all their help in creating and implementing all these measures to help protect us as business returns to normal.

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